What happens on the day wisdom teeth are removed?

If you elect to be sedated, you will arrive on the morning of your procedure without anything to eat/drink for the last 8 hours. We ask that a parent or responsible adult accompanies you to the office and plans to stay with you the rest of the day to help care for your needs. Your appointment on the day of surgery will last approx 60-90 minutes.

After checking in with the front desk for your appointment, one of our friendly surgical assistants will escort you to the surgery room and go over any questions you may have. We will check your vital signs and Dr. Pashkowsky will gently start giving you sedation medications through an IV. While you are asleep, Dr. Pashkowsky will complete your surgery. Recent advances in medicine and technology allow patients to undergo wisdom tooth removal in a manner, which promotes rapid healing and minimal post-operative discomfort. State-of-the-art sterilization and infection control techniques are used at all times. When you wake up, you will first feel groggy and over time you will feel more awake. Local anesthesia is given to you during the surgery to ensure comfort when you wake up, and allow adequate time to travel home and rest before needing to start oral medications. 

Plan to relax in our office for about thirty minutes following our procedure until you are awake and aware enough to go home. During this time we will review your home care instructions with you and your parent/family member/accompanying adult and answer any additional questions you may have. You will be sleepy for the remainder of the day so please plan to relax at home. For home care instructions, click here